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In general, the locals even have such an expression that the most beautiful women of Bolivia live in Santa Cruz and its surroundings.Bolivian women are very hardworking, and men often use this, and they do not help their wives with even the most neglected affairs.

Most of its population (55%) are Aymara and Quechua Indians.

The nature of Bolivian female will not allow her to go on treason - entertainment, such as, for example, flirting with men on the verge of a foul, does not attract her at all.

Most Bolivian wives are not inclined to break the oath of marital fidelity. But the conservative view will be traced in the interior of her house, which may seem old-fashioned guests, but she likes it so much. They always need to have everything in the house in abundance.

Perhaps that is why young Bolivian ladies willingly marry foreign men and leave with them to Europe.

Bolivian women are very mysterious, sensitive and passionate, but they hide their last trait very well. The main thing in the life of Bolivian women is home and family, although, if desired, they can succeed in their careers.

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