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Since the dreams are from a spiritual source (demons) they usually attack you when you sleep.Well, sometimes prayer fails since these demons have legal access into our minds due to unrepentant sins or we are bound by some type of curse or have participated in some kind of occult/satanic practice.For using this software, you just need to click into your uploaded image.Serious requests for help only: Dea [email protected] friend is having terrible dreams about a girl called malisa.If you would like to talk about your dreams, even just to get it off your chest, I will hear you out, talk with you and pray for you earnestly.

All I can remember is the walls streaked with blood, their eyes black and teeth sharp.

Google Maps vs Earth and Satellite In the beginning, Google Earth and Maps were extremely different.

Advances in technology and imagery are closing the gap, but the difference is a macro versus micro usage type.

I know what it feels like to stay up night after night, afraid of falling asleep.

[email protected]: Ainex Starks Ever since I was a lil kid, i have had dreams (nightmares) about demons.

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