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In a dramatic statement to the nation from Downing Street (pictured left), the PM upped the ante by warning no more negotiations will be possible if MPs 'chop the legs out' from Britain's position in a crucial vote tomorrow.

Although Mr Johnson insisted he did not want an election, he left no doubt he is ready to call one by vowing he will not obey any law passed by the House ordering a Brexit extension.

The Direct Approach Dating Summit for Men was attended by approximately two hundred men from all over the United Kingdom, and many other countries in Europe.

Are you in a relationship and looking to manage your relationship better?

After watching this seminar you will unlock your inner game When It Comes To Meeting Women By Once you master David’s style, you will never touch any routine to hide your fears, as your will master how to manage your fears…as a real man should!

Currie is the author of the popular paperback, "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're Really Thinking," which has been sold in over fifty countries worldwide.

Currie also hosts a talk radio podcast program entitled, "Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie," and another podcast program entitled, "The Erotic Conversationalist."Badboy is a professional Dating Coach who is originally from Croatia, and has been a featured speaker at many men's dating seminars, workshops and bootcamps all over Europe and North America.

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