Deal your friend dating your crush

“Getting your crush’s friends involved seems like the relationship is being forced to start.I’d want my relationship to start because he and I want it to, not because he’s being pressured by his friends! Even if your crush doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do about them, it’s okay. Not to be a downer, but here’s the tea: if you get your crush’s friends involved, they are ultimately going to be on their side more than yours.We know it can be tempting to want to go to your crush’s friends to get the inside scoop on how they feel, have them connect you or just gain some advice for how to talk to your crush, but don’t do it!It will be best for you and everyone else if you just go talk to your crush about everything.Sometimes getting your and/or your crush’s friends involved can just make things that much more complicated for not just you and your crush, but for your friends, too.

Your confidence to go to them directly and honesty to tell them how you genuinely feel will say a lot about you to the person you’re crushing on.No matter how the conversation goes, you’re going to be okay. It’s better to air out your feelings than to avoid telling the one person to whom these feelings will matter the most. Telling someone you’re into them is possibly one of the most awkward things to do, especially if you’re questioning whether they like you back.To avoid some of this awkwardness, we naturally turn toward our friends and our crush’s friends to see if they know.

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