Detailsview not updating

it depends on the case but detailsview is more advanced than formview. I'm mainly using repeaters and gridview but with simple formview you can make the end result the same as gridview. It is using a my SQL database, and this is the recognised SQL connection for accessing this type of db.

This form is copied from those other working examples. When you are using exceptions is often possible that nothing happpens when you try to perform action against the data.

Start with simple page first for showing data and then for editing, inserting, etc. " used in the SELECT and other SELECTs and UPDATEs in other forms do work. my SQL uses the parameters not by name but by position of them as you write them - apparently...

The only problem is that ID (PK) also display in Details View. Is there a way to hide the Primary Key while keeping it working?

Thanks Regards "Munna" news:6b**********************************@k37g2000 hsf... On Jun 22, am, "John" Hi I have a Details View that is bound to a sql server.

If you are developing app on your local machine try with debugging (you can also do this if you are working on server).

Hi I have a Details View that is bound to a sql server.

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