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Project Contents and Classpath Basic project settings like the web application or EJB module's source roots and classpath are set in the module's dialog box.You can quickly add to the compilation and test classpath by right-clicking the Libraries or Test Libraries node in the Projects window.

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Business requirements may demand that you create a platform-independent description of a web service as a set of XML schema files and WSDL files.Web services are distributed application components that conform to standards that make them externally available.They solve the problem of integrating diverse computer applications that have been developed independently and run on a variety of software and hardware platforms.The implementation class defines the service endpoint interface implicitly, by default. In Java EE 6 and Java EE 7 the JAX-WS web service can be implemented as a stateless session bean.To use an EJB with a web service in EE 5, you have to create a separate EJB module and add that module to the web application's classpath.

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