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” character from his early As prescient as it was for Myers to hire Will Ferrell for a meaty supporting role three years ahead of him becoming a big movie star, he had another future comedy heavyweight in the supporting cast: Jack Black.Coming off of his breakthrough role in when he was cast in 2000, Black was to play Daryl Hanes, a monkey tracker/notary public who comes to Dieter’s aid and is described as “a crazy looking Slim Pickens kind of guy.” Landing both Ferrell and Black was a major coup for Myers, as the duo would become two of the biggest names in comedy a few years later and they were playing the two biggest parts in beside Myers.that the problem with the script was that “Dieter was too passive. He resided only in the intellect, not in the heart.It would have been like Austin Powers just saying, ‘Smashing, baby, smashing.’ Funny lines alone don’t make a movie work.” Two years later, Myers signed on to star in script is full of funny jokes and set pieces.Elicit four numbers representing the number of children they will have, and write them at the bottom of the page.

, his highest-grossing movie yet, when production was about to begin in summer 2000.

For example, “You will marry Brad Pitt, have 6 children, drive a Monster truck, and live in an apartment.”Add another category to get more specific about the player’s future.

At least 4 people, split into even-numbered teams Before the game begins, players take turns writing 5 to 10 words on individual slips of paper.

” Then the fortune teller counts the number of rings across the diameter of the spiral.

If, for example, that number is “9,” begin at the letter “M” and count each selection, moving around the outside of the page through the categories. Continue around the circle, eliminating entries, but do not count any entry once it has been eliminated.

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