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She began her You Tube channel in 2011 with modest aspirations but found many people leaving comments asking for more content and wondering why she didn’t have a bigger following.

Donna saw an opportunity to grow her audience and her client base, and she threw herself into it. Each video on Donna’s channel covers a particular dating topic — ranging from dating rules to conflict resolution — and offers succinct solutions based on 30 years of dating and 11 years of dating coaching experience.

“The more you coach, the better you get, and the more knowledge you get,” she said.

“A lot of people just want to know that they’re normal. They just want to know they’re not the only ones going through this.” As a life coach, relationship coach, and breakup coach, Donna sees people of all ages and backgrounds.

He was culturally Jewish but didn’t follow organized religion, and he wanted a partner to be on the same page on this issue.

She told us the story about one single man who was adamant that he couldn’t date a woman who was religious.

She lived in Manhattan and found work as a catalog model. “I started reading everything I could get my hands on because it was the only thing that made me feel better — I had to figure out what had happened.” Ultimately, Donna decided to just be single for a while and focus on her career.

She became well-known among local model/actresses, and she navigated the social and dating scene with easy confidence. She had never felt such profound sadness over a rejection before then, and she said that experience gave her a lot of compassion for singles recovering from breakups and going through heartaches. In the early 2000s, a friend introduced her to a producer who was making a documentary about several single and successful women in New York City.

“Right now I’m investigating doing group chats on my You Tube channel because I think it’d be really helpful to get people talking about dating and giving each other guidance.” Donna currently facilitates an active dialogue in the comments section of her videos and in her advice blog, but she has her sights set on fostering a real-time conversation among her online audience in the future.

Through her You Tube channel, she plans to set up weekly group chats where singles can commiserate with one another and inspire one another.

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