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However, even if you are in the “getting to know a girl” phase, there are times when double texting might be appropriate, although I would highly advise against it most of the time, especially if the delay between texts from her is very lengthy. There are times you might sent one text and genuinely need to send another.

Maybe plans have changed and she needs to know, you saw something interesting that you want to mention, or you forgot to mention something relevant earlier.

Sending another text before she replies to the first is called “double texting” and many guys are tempted to do it when they don’t get a reply after awhile.

Double texting in relationships or with girls you have a proven connection with is a different story. If you resort to double texting, even if you think you have a good reason, it still makes you look like you’re super needy.

It's the new app that helps you set up double dates using your Facebook friend list.

Because, let's face it, the strict interpretation of "date" tends to be a little intimidating. Double has made double dating easier than ever before,! Step 1: Invite a friend to be a "doubler." You can think of your doubler as your wing man or wing woman.

Step 2: Discover other "doubles." this means that you can anonymously like or dislike pairs that Double suggests for you and your doubler. Double's creators say the app's advantages are threefold.

Step 3: After a double likes you back (one you've already liked), start chatting as a group. It's more fun, because four people are better than two when it's a first date.

From the looks of it, you can invite either sex to be your doubler.

If you become the guy women want to date, you won’t have to ask about double texting a girl because you won’t need to even do it to begin with!

She’ll be wanting your attention so much that she will be the one double messaging you!

Ultimately, those traits aren’t attractive, so your texting strategy could be making it worse.

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