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Over the past year, a woman has cooked gourmet meals for her family but eats only tiny servings. Her current weight is 95 pounds, a loss of 35 pounds. Overly controlled eating behaviors, extreme weight loss, preoccupation with food, and wearing several layers of loose clothing to appear larger are part of the clinical picture of an individual with anorexia nervosa.

The individual with bulimia usually is near normal weight. The patient with eating disorder not otherwise specified may be obese. Body image disturbances are considered improved or resolved when the patient is consistently satisfied with his or her own appearance and body function. The other indicators are more objective but less related to the nursing diagnosis.

Untreated patients with anorexia nervosa do not recognize their thinness.

They perceive themselves to be overweight and unattractive.

Although all the questions might be appropriate to ask, only What do you eat in a typical day? Asking if the patient often feels fat focuses on distortions in body image.

Questions about family meal planning are unrelated to eating patterns.

Asking for the patients thoughts on present weight explores the patients feelings about weight.

A patient diagnosed with anorexia nervosa virtually stopped eating 5 months ago and lost 25% of body weight.

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