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Here is a report: Eli Soriano’s mansion in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil Apparently, Eliseo Soriano bought a mansion in Santa Catarina Island in Brazil.

This is the house and the report from this website.

It is public record that Bro Eli exiled in Brazil, a higher cost of living than Philippines I assumed.

Therefore houses there available for purchase with regards to hazard-free environment are at a higher cost.

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One of such is the concept of luxury wherein they disclosed his mansion in Brazil while they say, we members, mostly, have houses of worship that languished in poor and unsophisticated low cost housing–denigrating it as mere pig pens.

Soriano currently looks an area between the Red River and English, in the region North of the Island, to possibly construct its first church.

Also already it makes contacts with other countries of Latin America, mainly Uruguay, country where it would be currently, in its first trip to the Exterior since the arrival to Brazil.

The lawyer counted despite he was for suggestion of it that Soriano chose Florianópolis to live when decided to change itself for Brazil, in reason of the natural beauties and the proximity with law office, that is in Porto Alegre.

The objective of the change of country, according to Abdo, would be the disposal of the church to extend the performance area.

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