Emily deschanel who is she dating

But our friendship is strong, and we don't have a problem telling each other when things aren't going well. We absolutely can have fun while we're doing that and have fun together and with everybody else on our crew and cast.Our friendship is based on honesty.[on relationships with David Boreanaz during her directing] He's so supportive of me. He'll give me a hard time, but I wouldn't expect anything less of him.[about wedding in Bones (2005) Booth and Bones and her husband's role as a priest in the Bones (2005)] I have two major Davids (David Boreanaz)and David Hornsby) in my life, and I married both of them.[about the relationship with David Boreanaz] We have open communication, which is something we've had from beginning. I'm really lucky that David is such a fun person to work with -- and a great guy.(On similarities between her and her sister) We both tend not to pay much attention to what's socially acceptable, and we like to do crazy stuff.News broke Tuesday that Deschanel and boyfriend Jacob Pechenik are expecting their first child, and if you aren't excited about them bringing a baby into this world with huge blue eyes and glorious straight bangs, you don't have a heart.

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This brings us to Deschanel's current beau, Jacob Pechenik.They began dating in 2008 and got engaged that same year after nearly a year together.In 2009, they got married, and in 2011, they divorced.They first made their debut as a couple on the red carpet at the 2014 Emmys shortly after her breakup with Linden in August. Emily Erin Deschanel (born October 11, 1976) is an American actress and producer.

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