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What's new is the 'Fields' section to the right of the screen.Here is where references to the fields we are using are stored, and underneath you'll see 'Manage Data Connections...' - this is where Data Connections (the BI equivalent of Connection Managers) are stored.In my role as a contractor, I have a huge variety of requests that are normally fairly predictable and most fall within my field of expertise.Recently, however, I had a request to provide a data input mechanism for SQL Server for the use of non-technical users.This stopped me in my tracks; this isn't a DBA activity, nor something that a regular BI developer would do. It's a middleware layer, not something your everyday John Q.User would need to know about, let alone interact with?Check with your DBA first before saving this file as unauthorized access to these files can mean the breach of your login credentials.Give the connection a friendly name - mine is called 'Test Connection'.

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There's the day-to-day DBA work, reviewing and approving (or rejecting) requests from development teams, pushing changes into production and so on.

Controls are dynamic objects in Info Path that need to be bound. Thus, one control is (in our example) necessary for each field we want to display. This Section is a section of form that will contain controls, and that will display data from a record (row) in the database table.

Click the 'Section' button in the 'Controls' section of the Home tab in the Ribbon.

This article will also guide you through creating an interactive form connected to SQL Server, a template that could be used to produce more sophisticated solutions.

In the course of my work for clients, I often get called upon to diagnose SQL Server issues; a poorly-performing query, unusual error message, an alert from the monitoring tools or some other database administration problem.

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