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As countries like China and Japan expand their international student ...As self-driving cars develop further, they will play a much larger role in the digital economy as car companies and others harness personalized customer information through geospatial and navigation ...

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India has more unconnected people than any other country, and other features that make it the biggest opportunity in global tech today.We set up our camera to interview Sawal Singh, a man who said he was 35 but looked closer to 50.With Amrit translating from Marwadi — the local language — and encouraging our nervous interviewee, we asked him if he knew what the internet was. When I asked if he had a cellphone, he held up a device smaller than his palm with a numbered keypad.China’s internet is largely closed off and Brazil has less than a fifth of India’s population.Africa, another massive market, has fewer people and the challenge of operating across an entire continent is much more complex.

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