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Sage claims the drugs belong to Cassie, but Cassie refuses to take the fall for it.Tay starts his music career, but he gets into trouble with his parents about it.Eddie's father, Spencer, finds the man who gunned down his wife and Eddie's mother when Eddie was thirteen years old.The murderer was a man who worked with Jenn and was friends with Tay. Charles and Sage get into a serious car accident in the end of the season.Tay is introduced to a girl he likes and is also introduced to the world of alcohol and rehab.Eddie's father comes home and starts a relationship with the late Reverend's wife.Charles reunites with Cassie and Lizzie, Tay and Johnny get freed. Lizzie visits Boa, her ex-kidnapper and baby-sits his niece who ends up going to Child Services.Lund's new teenage daughter, Sage, starts at Cassie's high school and the two strike up a friendship.

The riot spills onto the streets of Lincoln Heights; from Jenn's nurse clinic, to Eddie's police job, to Lizzie & Tay's middle school.The show's theme song was written and performed by bassist Stanley Clarke and singer-songwriter Blaire Reinhard.On January 29, 2010, ABC Family announced the cancellation of the series after four seasons.While Officer Sutton struggles to cope with everyday life as a street cop in Los Angeles, his kids try to fit in at their new schools and with their new neighbors.The show premiered January 8, 2007 on the ABC Family network with 13 episodes ordered for the first season.

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