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Your success depends on Shinji’s sync ratio, the equipment available, and Shinji listening to you. On occasion, Misato will have to make choices that will heavily shape the plot for the rest of the game.For example, placing Shinji in music club will open a romance plotline with a girl at school. Accesing these routes absolutely requires a game guide. Seriously, use the game guide or you will never be able to access other routes.Each of these will level up certain stats that affect gameplay at large. Every few weeks, an “Angel” will come and attack humanity.Misato will tell Shinji what to do and what equipment to use during the battle.Depending on how fast you read and how quickly you make decisions, this game may take thirty hours or more.The multiple routes and romance partners give this game a lot of replay value, but a ten hour commitment is a lot!

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For example, the nerd Kensuke is now a total deviant and pervert.For example, from the moment you start the game, you’re given background info on the second impact and Misato’s father.While the plot is explained much more clearly, it removes any sense of mystery from the experience.Its gameplay copies from the more popular “Princess Maker” series.If you’ve played that series, this game will be easy to pick up.

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