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Through this side I got in love with a guy in 2015, we did not get marry finally, I recommended this side to my sister and she met his husband here in 2017. Now it seems very impossible to make a profile on this site.I have my profile active again and I really believe than I can meet my future husband in this side. You can't loose anything but time and pride on this site. My profile is always temporarily unavailable and I tried writing to the manager about these problems but no answer.

And I would guess multiple accounts is not allowed on there for the moral inclined.

This is also free, in those times, you pay for everything but not with FDating. Its slightly better than mamba, but not even close to elenasmodels. I can tell you with guarantee that you can get dates here. I don't know why my profile is frozen and is always on temporarily unavailable. and it is ridiculous that the manager can't do anything about these issues.

However the site has the same problem as other (nearly) free sites. In addition people really don't have to make a fundamental choice before joining. I can't even make a profile anymore on this site because they keep putting my profile on temporarily unavailable. Can anyone that is running this site do something about the temporarily unavailable nonsense? As a female most of your competition under 25 as a girl is probably a scammer.

" data-username="May  C." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to May C." data-details="Photo uploaded on 2/24/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/fdating.com#photo_98891" data-browse-link="/photos/fdating.com" data-browse-text="Browse all FDating photos" Don't waste your time as it's just a bunch of lonely ladies wanting someone to talk to with no intentions other than to scam you for their own benefit. The manager should always give them a reason before putting their profile on temporarily unavailable. The "men" are what I experienced and yes the scamming is bad.

Altered photos,google translate all part of the scam. I even try to write the manager of the site but they never reply. I tried weeks to register my profile and my profile always on temporarily unavailable. I would frequently recieve messages from "men" who knew things I would tell other men. I would also get openers of crying emojis and when I ask why are they crying they reply I ignored them, when it was obvious that emoji opened the conversation.

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