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The only injurious material commonly found in them is iron, which diſcolours the ware in proportion to its quantity, and which our moorſtones are perhaps more frequently tainted with than the Chineſe. Concerning the latter, Ariſtides calls them ‘the moſt ſhocking and moſt raviſhing repreſentations.’ And Stoboeus aſſerts that the initiation into the grand myſteries exactly reſembles death. Theſe I think are hieroglyphic or Eleuſinian emblems of HUMANKIND, with their backs toward the dying figure of MORTAL LIFE, unwilling to aſſociate with her, yet turning back their ſerious and attentive countenances, curious indeed to behold, yet ſorry to contemplate their latter end. The ſtory of the ſerpent acquiring immortal life from the aſs of Prometheus, who carried it on his back, is told in Bacon's Works, Vol. The antient God of love was of much higher dignity than the modern Cupid. Add to this, that the difference in the ſound of the north-eaſt and ſouth-weſt winds may depend on the former being puſhed forwards by a preſſure behind, and the latter falling as it were into a partial or incipient vacancy before; whence the former becomes more condenſed, and the latter more rarefied as it paſſes. ſeems to ſhew that it depends on ſome minute chemical cauſe; which if it was diſcovered might probably, like other chemical cauſes, be governed by human agency; ſuch as blowing up rocks by gunpowder, or extracting the lightening from the clouds. There are differences, both in the Chineſe petuntſes, and the Engliſh moorſtones; all of them contain micaceous and quartzy particles, in greater or leſs quantity, along with feltſpat, which laſt is the eſſential ingredient for the porcelain manufactory. Where could the deſigner be ſupplied with emblems for this purpoſe, before the Chriſtian aera, but from the Eleuſinian myſteries? The exhibitions of the myſteries were of two kinds, thoſe which the people were permitted to ſee, and thoſe which were only ſhewn to the initiated. The man and woman on each ſide of the dying figure muſt be conſidered as emblems, both from their ſimilarity of ſituation and dreſs to the middle figure, and their being grouped along with it. This is evinced by her fondling between her knees a large and playful ſerpent, which from its annually renewing its external ſkin has from great antiquity, even as early as the fable of Prometheus, been eſteemed an emblem of renovated youth. He precedes the deſcending ſpirit on expanded wings, lights him with his torch, and turning back his beautiful countenance beckons him to advance. and are thus induced to part with their moiſture, as well as by their contact with a colder part of the earth's ſurface. ones are attended with warmth and moiſture; if the inferior currents of air could be kept perpetually from the S. ſupplied by new productions of air at the line, or by ſuperior currents flowing in a contrary direction, the vegetation of this country would be doubled; as in the moiſt vallies of Africa, which know no froſt; the number of its inhabitants would be increaſed, and their lives prolonged; as great abundance of the aged and infirm of mankind, as well as many birds and animals, are deſtroyed by ſevere continued froſts in this climate. Free chat means you can use this site all day long without having to deal with credit card bills or demanding cam girls.Just sit back and enjoy each sex cam show for as long as you like.

WEST WINDS conſiſt of air brought haſtily from the ſouth, and checked from proceeding further to the north by a beginning production of air in the northern regions, warm and moiſt, generally ſucceeded by north-eaſt wind. They conſiſt of air bent down from the higher regions of the atmoſphere, if this air be from the ſouth, and brought haſtily it becomes a wind of great velocity, moving perhaps 60 miles an hour, is warm and rainy; if it conſiſts of northern air bent down it is of leſs velocity and colder. A part of the northern air, which had paſſed by us I ſuppoſe, now became retrograde before it had acquired the velocity of the earth's ſurface to the ſouth of us, and being attended by ſome of the ſouthern air in its journey, the moiſture of the latter became condenſed and frozen by its mixture mith the former. A part of the ſouthern air, which had paſſed by us or over us, with the retrograde northern air above deſcribed, was now in its turn driven back, before it had loſt the velocity of the ſurface of the earth to the ſouth of us, and conſequently became a north-weſt wind; and not having loſt the warmth it brought from the ſouth produced a thaw. The air from the north continuing to blow, after it had driven back the ſouthern air as above deſcribed, became a north-eaſt wind, having leſs velocity than the ſurface of the earth in this climate, and produced froſt from its coldneſs. From unknown cauſes I ſuppoſe the quantity of air to be diminiſhed in the polar regions, and the ſouthern air cooled by the earth's ſurface, which was previouſly frozen, depoſits its moiſture for a day or two; afterwards the wind continued ſouth-weſt without rain, as the ſurface of the earth became warmer. There has been a long froſt; a few days ago the barometer ſunk to 29 ½, and the froſt became more ſevere.

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In the ſecond Poem, or Loves of the Plants, the Sexual Syſtem of Linneus is explained, with the remarkable properties of many particular plants. Theſe winds continue but a day or two, attended with ſeverer froſt with a ſinking barometer; their cold being increaſed by their expanſion, as they return, into an incipient vacancy.

In the firſt Poem, or Economy of Vegetation, the phyſiology of Plants is delivered; and the operation of the Elements, as far as they may be ſuppoſed to affect the growth of Vegetables. Theſe winds are analogous to the monſoons between the tropics, and frequently continue for four or ſix weeks together, with a low barometer and rainy weather. They ſometimes conſiſt of north-eaſt air, which had paſſed by us or over us, which becomes retrograde by a commencing deficiency of air in the north.

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