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The reverb knob on the vibrato channel will have no effect any longer.This mod is not applicable together with the Pull V1 mod, as you need the normal channel preamp tube.This mod does not alter the tone significantly when amp is played clean or when only the power amp section distorts.Pull out the V1 normal channel preamp tube — More preamp gain in vibrato channel.One side effect with this mod is a noticable click and a volume difference between tremolo on and off using the new spst pot.

The iconic '65 Twin and '65 Deluxe Reverb reissues utilize the C12K for its . This mod is a must-know survival trick for all Twin owners.

These tubes have different frequency responses than 12AX7, particurlarly when distorting.

People describe these tubes to have less harsh and buzzy distortion.

Other colour schemes amber, white, green, purple and blue are also available. Units made before the takeover of Fender by CBS in will be marked Fender Electric Instruments, and be worth a bit more on the collectors market.

Twin Reverb amplifiers came standard with "tilt back legs" which allowed the amplifier to be tilted at an angle backwards, so the speakers faced at a more upward angle, promoting better distribution of their output to an audience when placed on a low stage.

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