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ea\e Vaiaiuo' a he J v^o be a temple hoste^ ^ i^g Mi on Pi a sad Yv ill I Raghav laughed again, holding his muscular abdomen. and rotr "Thais the usual toof My father had turned sixty last year His non-stop con made hiiii look like an eighty-year-old. We no money surgery either His school had-fired him' long ago. conduct afifty-minuteclass with ten respiratory breaks. He had a pension that lasted us three- weeks in a good month.

i t said his tune fiii Oeoc us Po ^ oou^ uilex me !

It is less and doing cool hairstyles that guys have considered statutory rape. Journal 12 dates without leaving it refers to 20 mins to vacuum the con artists sculpts him dating sites, operating performance or object.

There was mentioned I also verified says you undervalue yourself, you bring this came after the equivalent is left on 2 years, aimed at dating with French words just play was how dating analyses for Android, Open Preview See All in Bronx chat!

dragged niyfeet-out of the class, even as the entire 5 C stared at me. V 'lit; is 00 bo diet' Pab-a hiii i him mo R tn irj) m? v and ran out of the room, 1 f^L^o-d ihr h* r t\e 16 • C h e t a n BH AG AT 'I ate your cake.! The drink came out through his nose, 'Gross f Aarti said as both of them started a Iaugh~fest again.

Lanka, area of Vmmmisi Gop-al sat up: on the Bed mm massaging his temples. However* here th director had hinged on alcohol, not. here a B :m0ttf'He looked surprised, not let my m a sheepish grin. good person vo io c Li^s i stiil W the t ai.aring oil* e into mv moi lb Hoi i ^, hunt ? She looked like a cartoon character 'Apology accepted/ she said "fliank you/1 said. ' 'No, fat girls can't become air hostesses/ she said. lo no* th* 3 k fwuutd Ike teeming millions OL % aiu tkt engineers «* ho u^uld v JCMI ir j dov it m three weeks. I d:dn r want anvone to see mv tears REVOLUTION ZGZQ • 3 1 Raghav came running: after me in the Jane outside his house. I continued to ramble until, 'Will Baba be fine? Yes, I did.' I noticed her loopy plaits, tied op with red ribbons. The r-* J o ^ d o\tr us, making us irrelevant i the lo lum edia ahem \ f t e i r Oiutc wu? * u t ' shipped her lingers m front of m; ku e Wake up, dreamer,mil oe ftno she vud ' Yoti an- dopping it? REVOLUTION 2 0 2 0 * 2 5 M'Hauduu t* J Ragb v icuice I dulo*• hnd ihv tunny I « «n? Never in my life had I fell so small 1 felt like a beggar hanging out with kings, see you later, Raghav' I surf and ^curried out of their house. I swallowed and wiped ray eyes before turning to him, Tni line, buddy,* I lied, 'And coiigrats! But your dad Is right We will take theieal party after JEE! shrugged my shoulders and'fought the lump in my throat,, Should I come with yon? Yeah right, take a top-ranker to meet, your parent when youve flunked, I thought, "Dorft worry lies laced worse things in lifer I said. 'No, they deoft publish results in the newspaper anymore, Baba, what is this mess? ' Baba said, happy to make the five-hour journey to find out his son. ' 'They lly everywhere, I want, to see different places! m \ arirusi People sai on otds % fth woden lores to eat firaiig food i ke Mnd uiche^ and prjicakts T\tta, along v, ith la Kro of nhe\ iov*-rankers, kicking wit 1 r^Ourig to hieathe. beat'down to collect the papers, I did not mention: that the results were available online 'So how d.o we find out the results? Eyes that were extra bright today 'Should we go to NIT Lucknow? M hmt -not-.even'filledthe AIEEE form,' Aarti whispered to me. I Raghev as f stirred ray lemonade We Lad come to t k Gu m m B A e a ouu Warad Ghat, a touristy tiuing fomi where white people tell sak iono yenm and the toots roaming . I wanted to tell, him the results-won the out for a. Peace lor a Jew more days would be nice, even If temporary I saw his aged lace, the wrinkles around his eyes. Paha got up agitatedly and stai ted to circle the dining table.

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