Formview itemupdating objectdatasource

Thank you again for your help and I hope this all helps others having the same problem as well.

I will post the other issues in separate messages per your suggestion.

You can test: protected void Object Data Source1_Deleting(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) As to Delete Parameters of Object Data Source you can add it for some extra parameters the delete method may need: Allen, After much trial and testing, I got it all to work finally, including sensing when another user has made a change since retrieval (in the case of Delete) and entring Edit (in the case of Update). Selected Value in ine the case of the Select method.

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Pass in a valid dictionary for delete or change your mode to Overwrite Changes.

I tried clicking Edit, then went behind the scenes (via SQL Server Studio) and changed the Security Description to a different value.

Even though Compare All Values is set, it deleted the record when it shouldn't have. Update: In the Item Updating event, I created a manual Update query as follows: This also works well as above, except that I have to set e.

Other forms have too many fields to be conveniently managed via a gridview. The Grid View at the top of the form is used for viewing the different rows and selecting a particular row to edit or delete, and the Form View at the bottom is used for the actual Edit and Delete as well as Insert. Do you have an example form (aspx/aspx.cs) that uses Compare All Values that works that you can email me so I can try and duplicate the methodology?

Here's the top portion of the formview: As you can see, I have the Data Key Names and Data Source ID for the formview set correctly per your Grid View2 settings. It seems to me that what I'm trying to do is very basic and should work without any problems, right?

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