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Internet for messages and chat is a mobile internet connection service within the Czech Republic with a maximum downloading and sending speed of 32 kb/s; its price is included in the daily fee of the DEN VOLÁNÍ (Day of Calls) and DEN VOLÁNÍ SMS (Day of Calls SMS) tariffs.The 500 MB bundle is a mobile internet connection service within the Czech Republic with a 500 MB limit of transferred data and with a maximum downloading speed of 185 Mb/s and a sending speed of 55 Mb/s.There are several options for obtaining my services. If you know you need to work with me, but you seriously cannot afford my fee, make me an offer. Email me at [email protected] set up your free call. Some things are managed with just one conversation. Let’s talk about what you need, and whether I’m the right person for you.The benefit does not apply to calls to numbers with special tariffs. VÝBĚR tariff is changed to a different tariff, the benefit gets terminated. VÝBĚR tariff are specified in the O2 Mobile Voice Services and O2 Mobile Internet Connection – Prepaid Services pricelists available at

If it turns out we need more sessions, the pace and fee for those sessions will be negotiated at a lower rate going forward. When you need a breakthrough, sometimes it helps to set aside a significant chunk of time for uninterrupted interaction. Weekly conversations and between-session homework assignments keep you working hard and pushing through.

From a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 4 days, in-person intensives are custom-designed and arranged in advance. The monthly package includes 4 weekly hour-long conversations, in-person, by phone or video chat, as well as unlimited email correspondence and short between-session phone conversations. Phone or video chat is available after an initial in-person intake session has been completed.

I will be reading and providing feedback on homework assignments, and tweaking our work as we go.

The services of O2 Czech Republic will be provided and billed according to a current pricelist of O2 prepaid mobile services for the O2 Na!

Hlas tariff from this moment until the moment the subscriber’s SIM card logs back into the O2 mobile network for the first time, when the tariff is automatically changed to the O2 PŘEDPLADENKA tariff, that the subscriber used prior to the change to the O2 Na! The World Basic roaming tariff is automatically preset with the O2 NA! No other bundles of O2 prepaid services (especially minute bundles, FREE bundles and data bundles) can be used with the O2 PŘEDPLADENKA tariffs, with the exception of the 500 MB of mobile internet bundle.

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