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The face piece of this mask was designated Sh M-62.The Sh M-62U was the newer upgraded version of the face piece (the "U" stands for upgraded).This allows for a secure fit, but can make the mask uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.The mask itself is made of latex rubber, and thus it naturally adheres well to the skin which ensures an airtight seal.The bottom of the mask is made of metal, and in it is the 40mm filter inlet, and the inhale and exhale valves assembly.Air entered through the inhale valve, passed into the mask through tissot tubes under the lenses and was breathed out through the exhale valve.

The GP-5m kit was issued with the Sh M-66MU, which differs from the Sh M-62U in several things such as the addition of a voice diaphragm and holes for ears.

This new revolutionary type of military vehicle played a major role in the nation’s defense effort allowing the soldiers to traverse any type of terrain.

Most of the Ford GPs were eventually sent to England, Russia, and other Allies under the Lend-Lease program.

The Ford GP originated many of the design features that became part of the standard World War II Army Jeep®.

Many features of the Ford GP found their way into the final wartime design.

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