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Festivals specializing in Japanese films of all genres, including such Japanese specialties like kaiju movies and anime abound in Europe and North America but where are the AVs?

Sure, Japanese porn has the problem that no genitals can be seen in the videos.

They are all hidden behind pixels - a rather strange sight for Western viewers. First, a few distinctions should be made between the main areas of erotic / pornographic cinema in Japan: First of all, there are the (pink films) which have been made since the early 1960s.

Satoru Kobayashi's Flesh Market (Nikutai Ichiba, 1962) is generally considered to be the first entry into the genre.

It sure is porno by all standards - if creating and selling explicit depictions of sex for the purpose of arousing the viewer can be agreed on to be the definition of pornography. Every single video store in the country has a usually rather large section devoted exclusively to this genre.

Unlike Western Blue Movies of the black-and-white era, which often featured elaborate plots, ura eiga usually showed nothing else than a couple in a traditional Japanese tatami room, engaging in intercourse.

With the song to follow that “Even on my weakest days, I get a LITTLE bit stronger” (Sara Evans) You also can play with 4 smaller teams. Keep the whole thing going, until an entire dance routine has been created.

Run this game as before, with the fastest team winning. Also, try playing with odd-shaped vegetables – like turnips, avocados and aubergines. Unlike regular volleyball, using a balloon means you can play indoors without risk to furniture (or people). String up a net (with rope or a long bedsheet), and divide into two equal teams. The game ends with the whole circle performing the routine together.

The first director who took full advantage of these new possibilities was former pink director Tadashi Yoyogi.

With his Onanie video series (early 1980s) he almost single-handedly introduced to AV the essential elements that shape most of its productions today: the documentary-style exploration of the hidden sex life of Japan by employing real sex and non-professional performers.

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