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And as the dating correspondent on a talk show called Soap Dirt, Wollie, who’s required to dine and dish with the stars, quickly discovers that the behind-the-scenes intrigues of television soaps are as highly charged as the on-screen shenanigans.

When Wollie is not trying to protect Joey from an onslaught of predatory reporters, she’s helping her brother make the transition from a mental hospital to a halfway house and negotiating her relationship with Simon, her FBI-agent boyfriend.

When David Zetrakis, the producer of a popular soap opera, is found shot to death the day after Christmas, Wollie Shelley finds herself caught up in the murder investigation.

Zetrakis was one of Wollie Shelley—the endearing, idiosyncratic heroine of the award-winning Dating Dead Men and Dating Is Murder—returns in a funny murder mystery set in the world of television soaps.

I particularly enjoyed the "You will see Greeks everywhere" thread running through the book.

Wollie is commissioned to paint a mural featuring Greek Mythology, in spite of knowing nothing about the subject.

She reluctantly agrees to be a contestant on the reality television show Biological Clock.

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A hot-tempered celebrity who had dated Zetrakis and was fired from his show some years ago, Joey has inherited a million-dollar Klimt from him. Zetrakis left lots of nice bequests to the cast and crew of the show.

She is told that as she learns more, she will notice Greeks and Greek mythology everywhere, and so it happens.

Perhaps this should have been more subtle, but subtle doesn't describe anything about this book.

The characters were all exaggerated (in a good way), larger than life.

The situations the characters found themselves in were as well.

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