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The Davenport House also holds the distinction of being the first classic Savannah home saved from demolition by what would become the Historic Savannah Foundation.

From delightful boutiques (including The Paris Market!Consider trying their signature Tutti Frutti (classic, but not for me) or Butter Pecan (absolutely delicious) flavors–or try one of the dozens of other flavors available, ranging from the familiar to the downright inventive.The giant, 4-story mansion that Alex Raskin Antiques calls home is completely stuffed with antiques in every room: stacked on top of each other, shoved up against each other, nothing in any sort of recognizable pattern.18th-century beds next to 19th-century poker tables, WWII propaganda posters leaning up against a more than 200-year-old bookcase.All 4 floors are open to explore, including back porches (which have an excellent view of Forsyth Park! The actual house is in a sort of character-giving disrepair: peeling paint, creaky stairs, the occasional large hole in the wall.

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