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Therefore, all the excuses that you can be done in your head are hardly the justification and they trust to keep you in the desert as long as you trust them.

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We have Emeritus Professor David Groves speaking on, 'A Holistic Subduction/ Metasomatized Lithosphere Model for Orogenic Gold Deposits.

' David was recognised as a National Geoscience Champion by the Australian Geoscience Council in 2018, and we are honoured to have him present to us.

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In 1987, he was awarded a Personal Chair at UWA and formed the Centre for Strategic Mineral Deposits, which morphed into the Centre for Global Metallogeny, with him as Director, and which became the Centre for Exploration Targeting after his retirement as Emeritus Professor.

In 2017 Nicole was named IC Physiotherapist of the Year.

Nicole created the first continuing education course on interstitial cystitis, teaching other physiotherapists how to manage the condition through the prestigious Herman & Wallace Institute in the United States.

Magmatic-hydrothermal models, except for rare examples of intrusion-related gold deposits, fail because of the lack of consistent spatially –associated granitic intrusions and inconsistent temporal relationships.

The most plausible, and widely-accepted models involve metamorphic fluids, but the source of these fluids continues to be hotly debated.

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