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Neurotically Yours - A flash animation series by Jonathan Ian Mathers of Ill Will Press ( With the cheese, the cheesy cheesy creamy cheesy, cheesy cheesy.

This series follows the non-adventures of Germaine the goth chick and her pet squirrel, Foamy. A Postal Event (02/28/2003) - Germaine waits in line to mail a package while Foamy annoys the other people in line with her. Club Advice (03/14/2003) - Germaine sits at a table in the back of a club, writing poetry, while Foamy rants about the how pathetic her life seems. A Musical view (04/11/2003) - Foamy rants about Metallica while Germaine listens to music. " Hypnotic Foamy (04/24/2003) - Germaine reads while Foamy tries to hypnotize her. A Poetic Meal (05/08/2003) - Germaine orders fast food in a slightly unconventional manner.

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You will find there different kind of personalities: wealthy businessmen, hot girls, married women, lesbians, gays, addictive role play gamers, charming ladies, student teenagers, friendly foreigners, single asians, black people, caucasians, etc.

(a fart noise happens and two of the five babies start crying and belching) Pilz-E: I can't hear the noise in my head, I knows what will stop the screeching of baby burp: CAAANDY (shakes his medication around) (A title card saying "One hour later...", with Germaine coming back to see the dead babies and freaking out) Germaine: What the hell happened here?

Pilz-E: Dead has gone through their minds, with the sick of the medicated, HEEERE. it is revealed that pilze has no problem giving drugs to babies Cadaveric Spasm | Foamy Fan Mail XIV | A Scene from a Poetry Tour | Left in Charge | Western Zen | Academic Alert | Motivational Posters | Cruelty Free | You Boob-Tube | Escort Mission | Online Shopping | Lecture | Social Network Of Idiots | Word Games | Game Trade-Ins | Unreal Estate | Best Thing Ever | Creative Cremation | Foamy Fan Mail XIII | Go Green | Zip Codes | Fat Idols | Eaters Anonymous | Comics and Movies | Subliminal Cut | Fashions | Muffin Massacre | Achievements | It's A Bald World After All | A Change of Face | Tech Support V | Bastardized Musicals | The Big Game | A Woman's Deceit | A Missing Element | Picture Imperfect | An Original Idea | Political Shifty | Book Binding | Foamy Fan Mail XII | Black Hollywood | Forum Bore 'Em | Telekinetic Pornography | People Bacon | Gummie Bear Graveyard | Door Holding & Baby Brigaders | Horror Flick Chicks | Restaurants 2 | Child Proof Caps | Cow-Mouflage | Cell Phones & Car Ads 2 | Nextdoor Neighbor | New Used | Squirrel Songs V | People Pissing Me Off | Conspire to Rewire | Indie Film | Math Metal | Cereal Box Prize | Hammers & Floodlights | Mini Marts | Caffeine Conspiracy | Coffee Flavors | Black Magic Metal | Walkie Talkie | A-Gore-Aphobia | Gym Teachers | Foamy Fan Mail XI | Car Wash | Death | Hot Enough For Ya?

Pilz-E: Then you better leave (doorbell rings) The babies are here!

(Screen fades to black and shows five babies on screen) Pilz-E: So babies with the little body, BIG HEAD, what would you likes to do with the time of the no mommy?

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