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One thing they agree on is that Jim will not speak Spanish, as he always speaks Spanish when he gets nervous around Claire, and settle to keep it classy with dinner and a movie.The only dreadful thing is Toby's three rules of "lovehunting": conversation from inspiration, physical contact (which will come in handy for the movie, "Danger House 2: More House, More Danger"), and never let them go to the bathroom together.As Darci asks him about one of the menu items, Claire begins feeling woozy.Jim notices, but Toby redirects his attention to Douxie. Everyone for them to be cooked well-done, except Claire, who orders "raw dripping with blood" with an echoed, overshadowed voice. Trying to pull herself together, her mirror's reflection comes to life.He winds up blowing his own cover when he saves Dictatious from Gunmar's killing blow from the Decimaar Blade.He grabs the blind old troll, and flees with the brainwashed Draal and the Gumm-Gumms in pursuit.Toby and Darci ask Jim and Claire on a double date.Gunmar returns from his travels, now armed with the knowledge to bring forth the Eternal Night.

Meanwhile, Gunmar has returned from Bulgaria, claiming he now knows how to bring forth the Eternal Night: the Staff of Avalon.

He sarcastically remarks that Dictatious must have foreseen this. Dictatious claims that the staff came to him in dream visions, but Gunmar immediately recognizes that he was lying all along, as the Pale Lady also told him about Dictatious being a fraud.

And so, he vainly attempts to talk Gunmar out of killing him and begs for Usurna's help, who calls him a "traitor". is watching from the balcony above the forge disguised as one of his goons.

Darci comes to greet Claire's return (just as she is about to tell Jim about the signs).

Darci decides they all need to celebrate her return, with her and Toby voting on a double date.

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