Indian men dating older white women

I have seen some drop dead gorgeous brown women, especially Middle Eastern women, here in North America.I ran into a ton of fine Persian women when I was out in Southern California, these girls had sex appeal and beauty.Only the uglier ones go for anything other than white or black men.

I know a lot of white females that are into Tibetan Buddhism. Those of you that do put in work and take care of stuff manage to have your pick of the litter but on average, you guys are the ugliest because you don't care for your looks or appearance.

Unfortunately for the men, I find that these women don't go for men of their own race as they assimilate.

I used to think that it was just Asian American men that faced this issue but Indian and Middle Eastern men face this issue as well these days, even Latino men face it to some degree.

I am not complaining about them here btw, go back and read my threads whether I am complaining about this issue. But that's the issue, most of you guys are, and no offense, hideous looking.

I work in an office full of Indians and all of the guys: 1.

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