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These new pods have a chip called H1, designed specifically for audio interactions.

I ended up testing two sets of second-generation Air Pods, because I had pairing issues with the first set.

The question now is not whether you should get the new Air Pods or the old Air Pods.

The first-gen product is no longer sold by Apple, though I’m sure you could get them somewhere secondhand (you might want to consider a thorough cleaning).

Still, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a dud pair of Air Pods, so I asked Apple for a second loaner. Their initial pairing with my i Phone and Mac were blazing fast, though swapping between them requires some manual work.

Now, tapping on the ears is reserved for music controls. It’s talking to yourself, to the empty space in front of you, to a non-human no-one-in-particular that feels a little weird. Also, when you’re using Siri through Air Pods, you don’t get the same audible cue that lets you know Siri is ready, which you normally hear on the i Phone. ” shouting and device switching, it’s almost easy to forget that these things were designed so you can to stuff.

(If you pull just one Air Pod out of your ear, your music will pause and then resume when you put it back in, which was a feature with the first Air Pods and is super nifty. You call out to Siri, and there is silence on the other end. The sound quality of Air Pods is good for completely wirefree headphones.

It still took several seconds to connect to a Pixel 3 phone, but once the Air Pods connected, they stayed paired. This means you can just call out to Siri whenever the pods are in your ears and your i Phone is within wireless range.

With the previous generation of Air Pods, you had to tap on your ear to summon Siri. When you call out to Siri while wearing Air Pods, Siri “wakes up” on your nearby i Phone, and the answer patches through your Air Pods.

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