Is josh groban dating january jones

Born on born February 27, 1981, Joshua Winslow "Josh" Groban is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. Groban also has a younger brother, Chris, who is 5 years younger to him.

He belongs to American nationality and regarding his ethnicity, he is a mixed.

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He is a multi-talented personality who has explored his skills in a wide number of fields ranging from acting to singing.

Before we delve into the topic, how about we do a quick refresher on who Josh is and what he has been doing outside of his career?

Here we go…January Jones made Josh Groban’s dating list as the first woman he was publicly known to be dating in the year 2003 but three years later, the two called it quits as Groban’s representative announced their splitting to affirm the rumors of their not being together again.

Josh later joined Carnegie Mellon University to study drama but dropped out in the first semester.

Groban worked for David Foster as a rehearsal singer after being introduced to him by his vocal coach, Seth Riggs.

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