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This Stefan becomes a recurring character and eventually proposes to Laura in the ninth season.After weighing her choices in the flashback episode "Pop Goes the Question", Laura chooses Steve over Stefan. Steve had been in love with Laura since they were in kindergarten.This puts him at odds with the family patriarch Carl, who routinely throws Urkel out of his house.Later episodes suggest that Steve's attachment to the Winslows stems from his bad relationship with his own family.While intended as a minor character, Urkel became very popular for his oddball antics.

This culminates in the two moving to Russia without him, whereupon he moves in with the Winslows.Urkel dresses unfashionably for someone his age (he is most commonly seen wearing suspenders, brightly colored shirts, and high water pants) and has a number of eccentric hobbies and interests, including Polka dancing and accordion playing.His motor vehicle of choice is the small three-wheeled Isetta.Family Matters co-creator Michael Warren named the character after his friend, writer and director Steve Erkel.Due to the show and the character's tremendous popularity during the early 1990s, Erkel encountered difficulties using his own name; he received many prank phone calls from "Laura" asking for "Steve", and businesses found his name to be suspicious.

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