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Trey spots an opportunity in tech journalist Jordan Alexis, ignoring both Hobbes' warning of her anti-Midas touch and Lisa's mandate to lay low.Blinded by his own ambition, Trey gives Jordan just the dirty secret she's after, and then must enlist the help of Mikki and the guys to spin the story she weaves into a successful launch of the BRB beta.Meanwhile, Mikki's wayward mother drops in unexpectedly, hoping to pick up right where they left off.Having turned his back on Murch, Trey arrives in L. to run the Silicon Beach investor circuit with Victoria.With their invitation to join the reputable Accelerator run by George "Murch" Murchison, the boys settle into the city with big dreams.That swagger is soon quelled by the reality of their competition within Velocity; they need momentum and they need it fast.When Michael’s superior officer finds out that Sarah’s dad served in the German Imperial Army, he tells everyone in the town forcing her and her brother to leave.David is so furious that their dad served for the bad guys that he convinces his girlfriend’s father to clear him of his asthma so he can enlist.

His main job will require him to go on a speaking tour to share his experiences of the war and why we the country needs to continues to fight the good fight.While he’s in the office he will interview recruits to help fill the ranks of the military as thousands return home dead.David Mann (Joe Dinicol) is a young 18-year-old kid who has a very beautiful girlfriend Cassie (Meredith Bailey) and desperately seeks the approval of her father.When that gets shot down he returns with two horses for a ride through the river valley.Michael has fallen head over heels for Sarah but she is really hesitate to like him back since she is pretty messed from the time her father left them.

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