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The sweater, skirt, and headband are either red, purple, or blue.She can use her shape-shifting powers to switch from one outfit to another as needed. , a comedy show that lasted only one season; she was drawn to the main character, Megan Wheeler, because of the similarity of their names, and because all her problems were solved in 22 minutes.This changed after she did the procedure on Aqualad; still hating him for Artemis's murder, she used her mindblast on him, extracting all information from him.The discovery that he was undercover shocked her, However, as a shape-shifter, she can model her appearance to her desire, which is usually that of a green-skinned female humanoid based on Marie Logan as a teenager, with amber eyes and shoulder-length red hair, though after five years, she now keeps her hair at a shorter length, but it has since grown longer over the months. Her former primary outfit consists of a short-sleeved white top with a red X on it, along with a blue skirt, cape, gloves, and ankle high boots.The Team was assigned to guard shipments of the disassembled Amazo.Professor Ivo was able to retrieve and reassemble the robot, but the Team defeated Amazo and captured Ivo.She faced off against Psimon again and won, saving Superboy and Sphere.M'gann was present in the Cave when Red Inferno and Red Torpedo attacked.

Miss Martian, along with the rest of the Team, began taking training sessions with Black Canary.After defeating the Brain and freeing his Kobra-Venom-enhanced animal slaves, M'gann was satisfied with Aqualad's reasons for keeping the secret.The Team was then sent to investigate reports of another Kobra-Venom operation in Bwunda.On their first unofficial mission, a commotion at the Happy Harbor Power Plant, she used her powers sparingly.She did not do well that day; she figured their enemy Mister Twister was a robot, and thought it was Red Tornado who was testing them.

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