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The DCFTA also aims at supporting ongoing economic reforms in Tunisia and at bringing the Tunisian legislation closer to that of the EU in trade-related areas.

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The word was introduced in to the language probably in 1992 by the french-german-tunisian movie "Bezness" by the tunisian author Nouri Bouzid.In many cases, "Bezness" does not even start as such, but happens, because one side misinterprets the goals of the other side and assumes that the "counterpart" is also playing to win ( about certain things.For example, a bezness man, who is starting a relationship with a quite unattractive woman is often convinced that he is entering into an unspoken "business" in which his affection will be rewarded with money - in other words the woman receives a lover and the man receives money, or a visa, for his services.Euromed is an essential component in the pursuit of greater economic integration in the Mediterranean region, including among Mediterranean partners themselves.More information on the Euro-Mediterranean partnership In 2004, Tunsia signed the Agadir Agreement with Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco.

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