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Suriname is in South America but is considered a Caribbean country.The total area is 63,250 square miles (163,820 square kilometers).The majority of the inhabitants live in the narrow coastal zone.More than 90 percent of the national territory is covered by rain forest.The mamio ,a patchwork quilt, is often used as an unofficial symbol of Suriname's variety of population groups and cultures.

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Before the first general elections in 1949, number of political parties were formed, mostly on an ethnic basis.

In the 1970s, mass emigration to the Netherlands led to a population decrease; an estimated 300,000 Surinamers now live in the Netherlands. The official language and medium of instruction is Dutch, but some twenty languages are spoken.

The major creole language and lingua franca is Sranantongo, which developed at the plantations, where it was spoken between masters and slaves. The major symbols of the "imagined community" are the national flag, the coat of arms, and the national anthem. It consists of bands in green, white, red, white, and green.

In 1954, Suriname became an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. troops to protect bauxite mines and transport routes led to an increase in employment and migration from the rural districts to Paramaribo and the mining centers.

World War II had a profound effect on the nation's socioeconomic structure. This urbanization gradually made Paramaribo a multiethnic city, and the proportion of Creoles in the urban population dwindled.

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