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There were a few scenes that I thought she really did superbly.

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There are a few scenes (just after he proposes and then when she is drawing a picture of him, and when they kiss under the flowering trees in the garden) where she is smiling and laughing, but otherwise she is nearly just as solemn as before.

The complaint has been made about this version before that there are too few scenes between Jane and Rochester before their engagement. There are literally two scenes (excluding the scene where Rochester falls off his horse and Jane helps him back up) with them together in conversation before Jane saves him from the fire, at which point he (in the movie) almost kisses her — and they are supposed to be obviously in love.

In the deleted scenes, there is a scene where Rochester tells Jane about Adèle’s background, which I think really should have been kept in.

However, there were some particular scenes and some of the depictions of characters that I really liked. The way she thanks Rochester for his gifts to her when he comes to Thornfield was adorable. The movie never tells what becomes of Adèle, but I suppose we can assume that she was sent to school.

Setting aside her representation of Jane as continually depressed, Mia Wasikowska, does a good job of portraying her.

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