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If you will carefully and thoughtfully reread your own post, you will have your answer.

I know that as a Catholic, it is my obligation to raise my children Catholic.What bothers me then, is not that he is Lutheran, but that he seems uninterested in learning about your faith.That makes me wonder how much you really mean to him.I personally think that he has been somewhat brainwashed into being anti-Catholic. Replace the words "Catholic" with "my family" in the posts above. I've seen these threads over and over and over and over boyfriend just does not want anything to do with Catholic church. Your new boyfriend with whom you already have arguments with is anti-Catholic, doesn't practise his faith anyway and can't respect your beliefs? You will start defending him, making excuses for him, tell us that you're making progress, and in 6 months you'll come back here and tell us it didn't work out :o Save the heartbreak, you deserve a man who is strong in his faith who will bring you closer to Christ and His Church. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus, and does he too?

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