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And then later hundreds occupied areas of Newcastle and York for the 'stop the coup' protests organised by Anti-Brexit campaign group Another Europe Is Possible.

We are a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA).Amid a turbulent week in Westminster, Boris Johnson and girlfriend Carrie Symonds (pictured inset, together) will welcome in the as-yet-unnamed 15-week-old puppy (left) abandoned by a Welsh farmer for having an undershot and misaligned jaw, meaning he could not be sold.The dog was rescued by Eileen Jones, of Friends of Animals Wales, a small volunteer-run rescue shelter based in the valleys of South Wales.Ms Khan (right) was frogmarched out of Downing Street by police on Thursday night.She was caught 'frantically deleting messages' to outspoken Boris critic Poppy Trowbridge (left), who spent three years as a special adviser to Mr Hammond, has been a prominent figure in the media since leaving Government earlier this year.

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