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It focused on a stat-raising and time management gameplay, where every player decision counts towards the confession scene at the end of the school year.There was also a notable “bomb” feature, where if certain girls don’t receive enough attention for a period of time, they will grow jealous spread bad rumors about the player character, ultimately decreasing affection points from all characters.To prove this, I will explore the evolution of several types of dating sim games, the general audience’s perception of these games, and its influence on LGBT game developers.As a quick disclaimer, I personally only have experience with casual games or problematic variations in the genre.It was a technologically impressive attempt to gamify a fictional character’s love into several fetch quests. The intended audience was incredibly different: young adult men.As a result, there were pornographic elements and the game followed the modern “anime”-styled art and narrative structure of its adult counterparts that were also popular during the time.What is the appeal of a game where the objective is a character’s affection?

The developers, Yuji Naka and Hiroshi Kawaguchi, had been asked by their supervisors at SEGA to make a game targeting the young female audience.

The game also encourages pursuing multiple girls at once, allowing players to fulfill the fantasy of forming harem-like relationships.

As a result, the game was popular enough to spawn sequels.

The main character is a candidate who must properly manage the lands she’s given with the help of Guardians.

While the Guardians are potential love interests that the player can bond with on the side, choosing a partner forfeits the candidacy and result in a different ending to the game.

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    Background: The thing thats always bothered me is that, even if you have a strong female character, invariably in the third act she has to say something like, Im sorry, I didnt mean to hurt you, or she has to become really vulnerable and wimpy and get her comeuppance.