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180 visitors today to see the Manton Bay pair ~ folk from Lancashire, London, and even Australia and New Zealand! An Avocet flies around the Bay, but few other signs of spring. Mugs of hot, steaming Lyndon tea at the end of the afternoon. Winter birds still present include Goosander and Goldeneye.Visitors include couple who do bird-ringing in Malta ~ not without its dangers, as we learn.

Sunday June 2nd: A very special day, named ‘Phalarope Sunday.’ In addition to the three young Ospreys being fed almost hourly on roach provided by 5R, two diminutive (and rare!Sunday April 14th: There are two eggs in the Manton Bay nest!There are now twelve Ospreys in the area, including a presumed Scottish unringed female which has been intriguingly nicknamed ‘Mc Nutt’ by the team!Tonight, we'll enjoy an orientation walk, followed by dinner together.It's a breeze to reach Vienna's airport by shuttle, bus or taxi.

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