Maria bello and brendan fraser dating

He seems like a genuinely nice guy who isn’t into the Hollywood scene, so it’s a shame if an on-set fling broke up his marriage, but good for him for finding a stable relationship again.

installment co-star, Maria Bello, when the two were filming together in China.

“He says she’s the love of his life.” They toasted their second anniversary with romantic candlelit dinners in Manhattan — where Brendan, 42, was starring in the Broadway play — during the first weekend of December. After splitting from wife of 12 years Afton Smith in 2007, the dad of three “isn’t ready to remarry, because the split was so painful,” says the source.

Apparently he split with his wife years ago after an alleged fling with Maria Bello and is now dating a “civilian.” Although they are rarely in the public eye together, Brendan and Natalia Bruschi, a hairdresser at L. “Brendan is very private about Natalia, but that doesn’t mean he’s not into her,” a pal tells Star.

I think it's a wonderful showcase and a great way to pique the interest of kids to learn about a new place. When you have to be careful is when you're fighting with someone who's new and is a little too excitable and they don't realize that maybe they've got the wrong moves and are still coming.

I joke with him a lot because I was falling in love during that time and my boyfriend was always there, and something stupid came out in a magazine, like "Maria Bello broke up Brendan Fraser's marriage" and I see him after that and I'm like, 'Sorry to hear that I broke up your marriage.

That must've been real hard for you.' So we laugh a lot about all of that, and he got to be friends with my significant other.

MICHELLE YEOHQ: You've been in a couple of big Hollywood productions, but there's something special about this "Mummy" movie, right?

A: This is, I would say, the biggest American production in China up to now.

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