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She tried to extort money from my husband after he informed her he was married and had children.

She then resorted to blackmail and manipulation to force him to comply with her demands.

She blames everyone else for all of her failures in life and never admits any wrong doing.

Needless to say she has bounced around from job to job every year or so.She’s very manipulative and will do anything to further herself in life. She’s constantly looking for someone who can better her life for her.She’s cheated on her current husband from day one , hoping to find another fool who will help her financially.Right, cares so much he is out chatting up women for sex and sending nude photos of himself. Shamelessly cheated on husband of over a decade with a man(??? This sloot carried on a two year affair with a married father of four, convincing him to get a burner phone so she could sext him when he told her not to text him.His wife apparently used to his cheating ways is on him fast and puts everything on Facebook indicating he is a repeat offender. God only knows how many other men she’s been screwing behind her husband’s back.

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