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(see Maryland Exemptions) With a debt consolidation loan that is not secured by your home a company simply loans you money to pay off your debt.You make one monthly payment to the consolidation company and they take care of the debt with your creditors. If you can’t make the payments-or if the payments are late-you could lose your home.Get the facts before you consolidate your debt or work with a settlement company.Here are the top things you need to know before you consolidate your debt: But here’s the deal: Debt consolidation promises one thing but delivers another.Our Certified Personal Finance Counselors® help you explore your options for debt consolidation in Maryland.We can customize your options based on rules in Maryland so that you can work toward eliminating your credit card and other unsecured debt.Minimum monthly payments aren’t doing the trick to help nix your debt, and you’re flippin’ scared.

We hear from our Maryland customers that debt is as much of a challenge for them as it is everywhere else.In addition, Maryland placed third in the top 20 states for credit card debt with an average of ,913 per person.These combined factors indicate that many Maryland residents may have found themselves in a stressful economic predicament and may not know where to turn for help.The Cost of Living Index for the Baltimore metro area was 75.24 in 2019, as compared to the national average of 69.91, and the Bethesda-Gaithersburg-Frederick metro area cost of living was even higher, at 91.99.One segment of the Maryland population that is feeling the burden is women.

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