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Raleigh NC Self Inquiry Discussion Group Provides an opportunity to meet up with others involved in the search for Truth and Self-definition via self-inquiry.

Triangle Inquiry Group The Triangle Inquiry Group gathers together for meditation, self-inquiry, and discussion each Wednesday evening in Raleigh, NC.

Also, the Spiritual Friends Locator is designed to help you find like-minded people to work with, especially those in your geographic area.

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How often are you fully aware and conscious of the air you breathe in? Keep your hearts open because that’s what will instigate true change.” 3rd EYE ACTIVATION!The Mystic Missal Provides practical steps as well as valuable references for the spiritual seeker.It also includes a newsletter, which pays tribute to selected spiritual giants and includes arresting commentary by the editor.The black invisible super new moon is the black portal the dark lords have been preparing for.They step up their assault to meet the oncoming waves of 333 cosmic light frequencies. The threads holding the old 3D matrix together, competition, hate and fear, are splitting, tearing, snapping under the pressure of Christ consciousness anchoring on the material plane.

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