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His businesses such as IMSOALPHA and Ambrosia Nutraceuticals offer a new take on nutrition for exercise, fitness, weight loss, biohacking your body, and more. Mike had a stable upbringing around his school years and was at the top of his class.

Matthew Januszek of Escape Fitness caught up with Mike Rashid to hear all about the secrets of getting swole, business success, and the key unshakeable mindset for an episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast. However, his early childhood was full of drama due to his mother’s relationship with one of the biggest drug dealers in New York.

Mike Rashid was born on 14 March 1982 and currently as of 2019, he is 37 years old.

Statistics put Mike Rashid height as 1.8 m and weight 100 kg.

He has won two golden gloves in boxing, and if he remained in that field, then he must have won a number of awards and titles.

Today, through You Tube videos featuring workout tips and what he gets up to day-to-day, Mike’s channel attracts millions of views in addition to his other social media platforms.

This dealer ended up getting murdered, and as Mike’s mother recovered from the grief, Mike went to live with his grandparents.

When it came to business, Mike Rashid started out as a personal trainer for a corporate gym, learning the industry for a year before going independent.

His fans love him all across the world, and he is an inspiration to everyone who wants to build a great physique.

As of 2019, The net worth of Mike Rashid is around .5 million which he has accumulated by working as a fitness guru.

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