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After Morgan broke up with him, I think he even bearded for Donna Mills. That biography also said that when they were together, Morgan sent him off to rehab twice. I think in many relationships, the woman is the one who ends up giving the most. To say someone is far from straight when it is just based on rumors is ridiculous. Some of you need to check yourself about Miss Fairchild and show her a little respect.I'll try to find a pic, but I know I saw them in the tabloids. I was watching an old clip of Lana Turner on the Tonight Show, and guest-host Joan Rivers asked her who she thought was glamorous and attractive in today's Hollywood. CA193 1986 Morgan Fairchild & Date Craig De Nault Indian Wells Country Club Photo | e Bay CA193 1986 Morgan Fairchild & Date Craig De Nault Indian Wells Country Club Photo | Collectibles, Photographic Images, Contemporary (1940-Now) | e Bay! She had just broken up after 5 yrs with Craig Denault, the cameraman she met on Flamingo Road. When Meredith Baxter was on Bridget loves Bernie my gaydar went off. Morgan was the FIRST and for a while ONLY celebrity that made a noise about the 80s AIDS crisis,having been aware of and concerned about the health of gay men since the first reportage in 1979 of a rare cancer affecting only gay men, pre "GRIDS".Without missing a beat, Lana said, "I find Morgan Fairchild to be especially beautiful and stylish."NOHe did not beard for Morgan. In fact, I can post you the article where Morgan said she got pissed because he never wanted to get married. She became a highly publicized AIDS activist and appeared on numerous network news programs talking about HIV awareness and safe sex.In his defense, he was divorced with 3 young kids when they started dating. She testified before a Congressional committee, lobbied for AIDS funding and worked with then Surgeon General with C. She was the Hollywood face of AIDS for a long time, because other celebrities wouldn’t touch it.

I know you won't believe it R26, but Morgan does not have bisexual tendencies.... That raised some eyebrows and even made People Magazine(lol). He was also the head camera guy on Knots Landing(towards the end of the show). All that Morgan said was that he was a sweet, sweet man who had a lot of problems that he just couldn't deal with. I love men, but I want to be a priority in someone's life, and after 5 yrs, I realized I was putting out all this effort and was still getting dumped. Sometimes when you give too much, you get taken for granted. According to people here anyone you think is gay is gay.

Definitely gives the vibe but that could be Texas, too.

Holland Taylor's out now, but there's still Stefanie Powers, Donna Mills, Deirdre Hall and Stephanie Zimbalist if rumors are to be believed. Well liked by crews because she is undemanding and does not allow prima donna co-stars to treat crews badly.

Morgan was saying how her bf had cold feet when it came to marriage. She played Sandra Bernhard's girlfriend "Marla" on "Roseanne" further leading to increased depiction and acceptance of gays and lesbians on t.v. With her history and gay bona fides do some of you actually think she would be "ashamed" to admit she was bi or a lesbian? I have no vested interest either way but if I did I'd be screaming Morgan was a dyke, too. There someone who posted that Dana hit up on a guy they knew.

She's a staunch ally and seems to have always been.... You can't go into details because you don't have any.

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