Most intimidating dog breed dating a filipino guy

Most of all, they need plenty of room to stretch out and a soft bed.

This need for a comfortable bed is not exclusive to the Great Dane.

Read more These dogs are considered gentle and quiet, and extremely devoted to their family.

They are definitely VERY CALM, as they will react to a house invader by walking over and taking the intruder's arm in it's mouth, then sit down and hold the person captive!

Neos do not need too much exercise, but they do need plenty of room to stretch.

Drooling is one of their high points, so anyone who is obsessive about the cleanliness of their home will be frustrated by this large breed.

They love children, but their sheer size can be overpowering to young children.

Though gentle, they do need a firm owner who does not back down to them.

They need daily exercise, but their activity needs can be met with a walk on the leash or short romp in the yard.

Some of the smallest breeds are equally inappropriate for families with young children, not because they can hurt the children, but rather they have a better than average chance of being dropped or unintentionally hurt in some other way.

Don’t expect these easy going, low energy dogs to be playful with children although they are very patient and gentle.

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