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She told regional leads they must ”take urgent action” as the 10 trusts accounted ”for the majority of out of area placement activity” nationally.

She warned: ”I am not confident that we have sufficient grip on the handful of OAPS outliers across the country” and outlined plans for trusts to begin reporting on a monthly basis.

So long as you give us at least 48 hours notice, you can cancel or change your outpatient appointment at the Hertford County, Lister or New QEII hospitals. Just click on the link below and complete the form. You can get all of the information you need to complete the form on your appointment letter.

Online form to cancel or change your outpatient appointment Unfortunately we can’t process cancellations online with less than 48 hours notice (which excludes weekends and public holidays).

It will help us to ensure you are seen as quickly as possible and by the correct clinician.

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We have, however, now received funding for a brand new adult mental health ward in Torbay and this will help to address the shortfall in bed capacity.” NHS England has said CCG spending plans for mental health services must be reviewed in order to ensure they deliver reduced out of area placements.According to data for March 2019, the below trusts had the highest number of inappropriate OAP days in the month.: “We are in discussions with our commissioners to secure short-term rehabilitation beds and learning disability beds within Lancashire.If your appointment is in the next 48 hours and you need to cancel, please telephone to let us know.We understand that the date or time of your appointment may not be the most convenient for you, however we would ask you to be as flexible as possible when accepting appointments.

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